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Portrait of Claudia Erdheim
by Nina Werzhbinskaja-Rabinowich

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The biography of Vilma Steindling written jointly with Ruth Steindling.

Vilma's parents died at a young age, leaving her to be raised in a Jewish orphanage. After her schooling, she completed an apprenticeship as a seamstress and became politically active in the Communist Youth League. In 1937, she emigrated to France where she was involved in the French Resistance movement following the occupation of Paris. In 1942, she was captured and sent to various prisons, eventually Auschwitz. She survived the death march to Ravensbrück concentration camp. In the autumn of 1945, Vilma returned to Vienna, trained to be a social worker, got married, had two children, and was active in the Communist party until her withdraw in 1968.